Every time i wonder into a shop selling videogames I’ve always found myself picking up one of these and examining it with a confused fascination.

I honestly have no idea why they intrigue me so much.

Perhaps its the way they’re all packaged in a similar way with the same layout and font that makes me think they’re all part of some massive extended collection?

Perhaps its the fact that somewhere, someone (a brilliant deranged vehicle obsessed programmer maybe) has taken the time to build an accurate working replica 3D model for every JCB digger, every London underground station in the city centre, and worked out the programming for the devilishly tricky physics surrounding fork lift trucks?

I think what grabs my attention the most, is the fact that I’ll find a slightly obscure simulator, say a Tractor simulator, not unheard of but not particularly sort after. But from then on I’ll notice the rest of them, and theres tonnes of these things each simulating something more and more specific and obscure with each title: 

Oil Platform Simulator, Street Cleaner Simulator, Demolition Simulator, Garbage Truck Simulator…

Are these things part of formal training in a licensed qualification? I mean, someones gotta learn to operate Underground Mining Machinery right?

You can find the entire catalogue at http://www.excalibur-publishing.com/index.htm They’re all amazing and I want them.